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Business Manager | Service

Manage your field service operations with ease.

Solarvista™ 8 Business Manager: Service delivers a deep and wide feature set to facilitate superior business management of any service-oriented organisation, whether field-based, help desk-based or depot repair-based (or combinations thereof). It offers refined and proven processes to streamline call/job entry, SLA entitlement/validation, scheduling and dispatch, time and expense capture, materials recording and customer billing. It is suitable for all categories of service including, on-site breakdown/repair, installations, meter readings, planned maintenance, asset management and information services. When used with other products in the Solarvista™ 8 suite, such Business Manager modules Agreements and Inventory, as well as Planner, MapTrak, Mobile Worker and Optimising Scheduler, this module is the core of a best of breed solution for your service-oriented department or organisation.

  • Best of breed field service.

    Field service is what Solarvista is all about. It's the aspect of business that we know inside out. It's where we started. And it is is at the centre of everything we do. And this shows in the rich feature set of the field service aspects of our products.

  • Our service orders operate in repair depots too.

    Our system can be used for workshop/depot repairs too, not just field service. This is great if you have a field service operation and a smaller repair depot that you need to cover with one system.

  • Accurate costs built up in real-time.

    Labour time can be recorded in real-time and costs (and charges) dynamically generated from entries. This allows you to monitor incurred costs as you go and monitor problem areas.

  • Multi-layered orders.

    Our service orders hold multiple jobs of which each in turn can be addressed by multiple people. Secondary work can be added during the job, or initiated as "do it if you have time".


  1. Service orders and job for multiple people.

  2. Service level entitlements validation.

  3. Preventive & scheduled maintenance.

  4. Field service, help desk and repair centre modes.

  5. Secondary work functions (extra to main job).

  6. Real-time cost and billing generation.

  7. Product reliability & defect coding.

  8. Standardised services.


  • Streamline control of service & maintenance.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Sophisticated functionality to cope with complex service processes.

  • Obtain true real-time cost analysis for all types of work.

  • Facilitates mobile workforce management.

  • Enables scheduling optimisation cost savings.

  • Improve cash flow via on-time, accurate billing.

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Overview of Solarvista

Solarvista Software is an award-winning pioneer in service management technology, including integrated Service Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Data and Scheduling systems.