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Easy integration.

Solarvista™ LIVE can connect with other cloud services using generic connectors that can be configured for any use, or an ever-growing range of predefined connectors.

Connectors for other cloud products.

Connectors in Solarvista™ LIVE enable data to be transferred in real-time. They are entirely optional, and multiple connectors are supported.

Generic Web/HTTPS.

The HTTPS connector can be used with a wide range of services such as Microsoft Flow or Zapier to read or transmit data at key workflow stages. For example, when a work item is closed, the information can be posted to Microsoft Flow, which in turn can be configured to post to hundreds of different types of product.

Microsoft Power BI.

Solarvista™ LIVE includes an in-built connector to Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform to enable information to be viewed graphically in real time.

REST-based API.

Solarvista™ LIVE offers full programmatic control via a REST-based API.


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