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for Solarvista LIVE

Field Service Management Software


Features/services are dependent upon the plan selected for your account.

live_s_icon_15 only available in Standard plan and above

live_e_icon_15 only available in Enterprise plan

preview_icon in preview status or in development/coming soon




Multi-tenanted, cloud-only microservices architecture. Uses “planet-scale” Microsoft® Azure™  Cosmos DB with fast HTML5/ JavaScript/CSS web client plus native mobile apps for iOS™, Android™ & Windows™ distributed for free (and verified) by applicable public app stores.


128-bit SSL encryption between web browser, apps & cloud services.


User authentication via Microsoft® Work or School Account (Office 365), or Microsoft® Personal Account.


Responsive design for desktop, tablets & smartphones supporting both mouse & touch input.


Native apps for iOS™ , Android™  & Windows™. Apps work offline or online. Installed & automatically updated via major app stores. Responsive & scalable to device size.


Operated within Microsoft® Azure™  ISO27001 accredited data centres in UK, NL and IRL. US and AU/NZ coming soon. 


Built with Solarvista™  Zappflow™ technology, enabling all data, work items & activities/forms to be customised easily & with instant publishing to web portal & mobile apps. User can add/remove fields, edit labels, data types, validation & configure workflows to specific needs.



Stores customer name, address, phone, email, contact, billing currency, tax rate, time zone, opening hours & territory. In addition, required certifications. live_s_icon_15


Linked to customers, or may be independent, stores address, contact & preferred operatives. On site access certifications, territory & opening hours (Standard+).


Stores names and roles for contacts associated with customers, sites & suppliers. Holds communication permissions (useful for GDPR compliance).


Used for parts, materials & equipment. Stores code, description, category, unit, manufacturer & part number, cost price, selling price & supplier.


Optionally linked to sites, optional link to product, description, serial number, specific location in site. Optional service level, agreement, optional start date and/or end date, charge (Standard+).

SERVICE LEVELS live_s_icon_15

Used with work items, customers, agreements & equipment, these define how quickly & when service service should be provided. Holds name, days of week, hours of day, response and complete timeframes (in hours) & validity dates. In addition, holds charge rates for working/travelling labour and distance.


Holds service relationship between your organisation and customer. Stores customer, start and end dates, service level, charge, tax rate, billing interval, and pricing policy applicable.


Holds skills, qualifications & certifications ready to be assigned to operatives, including validity dates. Used with calendar feature to assist with work item assignment.


Calendar view for each operative viewable by agenda, timeline, day, week & month formats. Drag/drop from unassigned workflow stage to assign to operative & set scheduled date/time for working stages. Automatic filtering of mobile operatives by criteria based upon each work item to be scheduled (manual option available also).

SHIFTS/ROSTERS live_s_icon_15

Operatives can be assigned to Rosters which refer to Shift Patterns which then automatically create non-working time in Calendars.

LEAVE / HOLIDAYS live_s_icon_15 preview_icon

Mobile operatives can submit requests for leave/holiday time. These appear in web portal for approval. Once approved, non-working time is marked in calendars.

SICKNESS NOTICES live_s_icon_15 preview_icon

Mobile users can report immediate unavailability due to sickness. This is immediately marked in calendars.


Ready-made templates for various styles of work, including:

  • Generic (comprehensive/all features)
  • Field Repair
  • In-house Repair
  • Depot Repair
  • Installation
  • Field Maintenance
  • In-house Maintenance
  • Survey
  • Field Task
  • In-house Task
  • Help Desk Call

All templates can be edited or copied to new designs for complete customisation. Ability to add tags for filtering in views. Work items assigned to operatives are transmitted to the mobile apps which then follow prescribed workflows.


Every work item is controlled by a workflow designed to operate with the mobile apps. This allows easy yet controlled update of stage & restricts options presented to user. Choice of workflow styles with on/off toggles for specific stages. Each workflow stage then mandates selected activities or forms to be completed and controls next stage choices.

RECURRING WORK live_s_icon_15

Automatically generate work items (to a defined template). Optionally set to auto assign to a specific operative. Set to recur daily, weekly, week-days, monthly or one-time.


Labour time is tracked in real-time as operatives move through workflow stages that are marked as schedulable. Extra labour can also be recorded outside of real-time workflow and optionally for other operatives if required.


Record parts used using search facility to Products. Record quantity used & optional selling price. Create requests for parts required which are viewed within web portal. Record when parts are collected from suppliers or when moved from one location to another.

INVENTORY live_s_icon_15

Optional tracking of quantities by product and location (text location code, user, vehicle or office/depot). Updated from actvities submitted via mobile operatives (or may be synchronised to an external inventory management system where feasible (extra charges apply).


For repair-style work, record Problem and  Resolution codes during activity. In live_s_icon_15 record Symptoms and Cause too.


Enter unlimited free text notes via mobile (also allows voice-based input, if device supports it).


Enter multiple actions via mobile apps to track activity. Actions can also be used to enable easy entry to combine labour and a selection of products which are automatically added to the work item and optionally charged for live_s_icon_15.

QUOTE live_s_icon_15

Operatives may create simple (assumed one to few lines, parts & labour) quote via mobile apps with reference to products and pricing. This may then be forwarded to other systems or be configured to send confirmation emails.

FOLLOW-UPS live_s_icon_15

Set a future reminder with date/time, note and optional named user. Follow-up information appears within web portal and can be assigned to mobile operatives for viewing via mobile apps.


Mobile operatives may track breaks (non-working time) as well as time spent waiting e.g. where access is not available.

PROJECTS live_s_icon_15

Work items may be processed as part of a project, with option to consolidate billing/invoices. Mobile operatives can supply simple project updates including summary status reports and progress percentages which are posted to Project record for review.

LONE WORKING live_s_icon_15

Mobile operatives can send notices from mobile of a lone working risk period ahead which is displayed as an internal notification within portal (not BS 8484:2016 compliant). Actions can be used to connect to other messaging systems (additional configuration - extra charges apply).


Capture signatures via forms using mobile apps at any workflow stage. May be mandatory or optional.


Attach files to work items, via web portal, which are automatically downloaded to mobile apps. Create document or photo fields within forms which can be mandated at key points in workflow. Mobile apps allow direct capture from camera where applicable or from camera roll/library.


Create forms for routine services or compliance checks which prompt for tasks to be performed or data to be captured. Forms can be added to any work item template at any stage for pre, during and post work routines. Answers given can drive conditional flow to skip sections.

MISSED SLAs live_s_icon_15

When an SLA performance point is missed, the impact upon customer, duration of time late and reason why missed may be captured. This is posted to a consolidated ‘Performance’ data source for review/analysis.

JOURNAL & ANALYSIS live_s_icon_15

Automatic calculation of costs and charges, where applicable. Automatic analysis by other dimensions e.g. period, type of work, location, customer/industry, product/equipment, parts/materials, actions, commercial & contractual, resources, break/fix coding, knowledge and account or work ownership. This data facilitates in-depth, but easy analysis of profit/loss from any business perspective.

BILLING/INVOICES live_s_icon_15

Automatically generate invoices (or billing data) from completed work items using rules set in products, pricing policies and service levels. Billing is generated using the currency set within the customer record. Automatically generate invoices (or billing data) for agreements with recurring billing at key intervals.

LOCATION TRACKING live_s_icon_15

Capture location using mobile device location services (therefore device specific) upon workflow transitions & form submission. Locations are displayed within maps in web portal in various points.


Key information from any work item activity is posted to a consolidated ‘History’ data source for easy viewing of customer, site, work history.

KNOWLEDGEBASE live_s_icon_15

Mobile operatives can post Q&A style information to an internal ‘Knowledgebase’ data source. Break/Fix coding is also optionally posted too.


Customer relationship events such as phone calls, notes, or meetings can be posted via web portal or from mobile apps (these are populated to consolidated ‘History’ data source) and associated with customers, sites, contacts, agreements and/or projects.


Design customised forms for use via mobile apps. Field types supported are Text, Number, Decimal, Yes/No, Photo, Signature,  File/Document, Address (with Gazetteer) or Link. Picklist and search controls to select from static or dynamic data. Conditional flow expressions allow skip of sections. All forms can be presented during specific workflow stages or available anytime.


Automatic determination of accounting ledger codes (General, Cost Centre & Dept) for any posted invoice or journal line item based upon heirachy of rules applied to determine it (simple defaults though to complex mapping).


Create custom data sources to hold additional information. These data sources are accessible directly by picklist or search fields in other data sources, forms or work items in web portal or mobile apps.

DATA GATEWAY preview_icon

Automatically feed data to and/or from external data stores using configured Connectors.


In-built tool that imports a CSV text file and allows selection/mapping of fields to any data source, including both static data e.g. customers, equipment etc. & dynamic data i.e. work items.


Manual selection of records within views or using queries which then allows export to CSV or JSON.


Optional periodic batch export of data in CSV text format posted to connected Microsoft® OneDrive account.


When work items transition through workflow stages, or when forms are submitted, or when a data source row is edited:

  • Send an email using HTTP connector and third party email product (not included).
  • Send an email using internal designer and sending service. live_e_icon_15 preview_icon
  • Send internal notification (within portal).
  • Post to any data source via data gateway.
  • Post to a Microsoft® Power BI (not included).
  • Call a third-party web service.


Create custom views (or groups of views) with filters, query expressions & column selection. Save to main menu with custom icon/name. Main menu in portal is fully configurable with editable icons, naming and sections.


Real-time dashboards are supported via the use of a separate Microsoft® Power BI account (not included - must be purchased separately).



Static data e.g. customers, products etc is permanently stored. Dynamic data i.e. work items & forms is held for 365 days after closure and then moved to long term archived storage.


Microsoft® OneDrive™ with ability to read/write files from specific location. Microsoft® Power BI with push post to data table created via web portal. Generic HTTPS web connector.


From within web portal, online help is available. Help desk tickets can also be registered via web. Online help can also be searched using free text.


Select from a shared library of work item templates and/or forms. Share your designs publicly or only between accounts you have access to.


Built-in worldwide database for cities, counties, provinces, states and countries (used for accurate and/or consistent address entries).

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS live_e_icon_15

Operate multiple accounts from within web portal. Connect mobile apps to multiple accounts at one time. Useful for larger organisations to segment data and configurations.


Key workflow stages displayed with each work item.


All data within account is backed up within data centres automatically every four hours.

DEVELOPER API live_e_icon_15

Full programmatic control via REST-based API (subject to fair usage throttling and limits).


Minimum 99% uptime per annum, including planned maintenance periods where access may be restricted.



Fixed price packages includes setup and configuration, including work item templates & forms if required, combined with introductory training done remotely using web meetings.


Submit tickets to help desk via portal or via email. Direct phone support is also available live_s_icon_15. Guaranteed response time of eight working hours from confirmed receipt of request live_e_icon_15.


We will connect LIVE to any other system (providing it has a suitable API). Additional charges may apply, depending upon complexity.



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