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Ultimate flexibility.

Solarvista™ LIVE is built with our Zappforms™ mobile forms and web application builder technology. This means you not only have flexibility to customise the Solarvista™ LIVE workforce mobilisation & field service application, you can use the features of Solarvista™ Zappforms™ to build your own applications and mobile forms that are connected or even totally independent of Solarvista™ LIVE.

Anything, anywhere, on any device.

Solarvista™ LIVE is accessible via web browser on any format device (desktop, smartphone or tablet) AND has mobile apps that work offline too for iOS®, Android® or Windows™. But here is the clever part… you can use Solarvista™ LIVE to build your own forms or applications. Anything you create, automatically is published on every device type.

Define and store your data.

Solarvista™ LIVE comes with lots of ready-made data record types to hold information about your business or organisation but if it doesn’t, you can create your data own sources to hold custom information. All forms and work items (and even other data sources) can refer to other data sources.

Design your own work items.

Solarvista™ LIVE comes with ready-made work items for most types of work style, including field-based and in-house work. You can clone these with a single click to create your own totally customised work item or create new ones from scratch for totally different uses.

Configure your workflows.

Solarvista™ LIVE comes with ready-made workflows to suit most types of work i.e. field, in-house, multi-stage, simple etc. Each one is configurable to allow different pathways and to mandate form completion at different stages. At any stage, you can configure what is optional and mandatory. You can even setup ‘actions’ on each workflow stage to do something useful, such as post to other cloud services.

Design your own forms.

Solarvista™ LIVE comes with ready-made forms for a wide range of activities, such as labour, parts usage and orderings, expenses, signatures etc. All these ready-made forms can be customised to your exact needs, but you can go further and create your own forms for any purpose. Forms can also be used -ad-hoc from mobile devices at any time. 


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