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Holds customer, product, pricing, skills & responsibilities. 

Store all the information you need to run your operation, including customers, sites, equipment/assets, products, pricing policies, agreements, service levels, rosters, skills, qualifications, responsibilities and your work item process definitions.



Holds all your business information.

Calendars show availability of operatives.

Timeline, monthly, weekly, daily and agenda views allow you to quickly see which mobile operatives are free and drag & drop work items to assign them. Calendars can show other time via rosters, shift patterns and leave/holiday requests. 



Calendars show availability of mobile operatives.

Transmit clear job instructions to mobile operatives.

Send jobs to mobile operatives complete with workflow definitions, service level, information fields & any attached documents. Mobile apps operate online and offline and work on all device types, including iOS™, Android™ and Windows™.



Transmit clear job instructions to mobile operatives.

Sync job status & activities from mobile. 

Get real-time feedback of workflow stage, labour & travel time & geographic location. Apps only prompt for information at the correct stages to ensure ease of use. Information entered is clearly displayed in a timeline.



Sync job status & activities from mobile.

Track parts, notes, photos, signatures & forms.

Record parts/materials user or required, add notes and use your camera for photos. Use custom forms to capture information about routine tasks or processes. capture signatures both before work starts and/or at the end. Custom forms can also be submitted anytime on an ad-hoc basis. 



Track parts, notes, photos, signatures & forms.

Automated generation of bills using pricing policies.

Billing is calculated from your own rules and generated automatically for completed jobs or recurring fees from service agreements. This billing data can be posted to other cloud services or exported to cloud applications.



Automated generation of bills using pricing policies.

Automatically send emails or SMS at key moments.

When work is at key workflow stages, you can configure email or SMS messages to be sent automatically. The format of these messages can be customised using the in-built designer.   



Automatically send emails or SMS at key moments. 

Build dashboards with Microsoft® Power BI.

In real-time, you can optionally post data to Microsoft® Power BI to create dashboards & reports that you can see on desktop, tablets or your smartphone (additional Power BI subscription is required). Otherwise, all data collected is stored in the cloud and accessible via the web portal with views that you can configure. 



Build dashboards with Microsoft® Power BI.

Import tool for every type of data.

If you can export your existing data to text files, you can import your data using the in-built data import utilities that read files and assist with mapping to the correct fields. You can import your static data as well as new work.



Import tool for every type of data.

Make it your own with in-built designer tools.

Built upon Zappforms™ technology, it enables full customisation of fields, entities, workflows, forms, actions, menus and communications. You can even create your own data storage. These customisations are instantly published to the web portal and mobile apps.



Make it your own with in-built designer tools.

Read and write information to/from other cloud apps.

Connect to several major cloud services using built-in connectors. Microsoft® OneDrive™ & Microsoft® Power BI is built-in, together with generic web connector.



Read and write information to/from other cloud apps.

Modern, developer-friendly API.

If you are a developer, take full programmatic control* with the REST-based application programming interface. Build real-time integrations to your other cloud applications.



Modern, developer-friendly API.

Simplifies the way you collect, transmit, integrate and share mobile data in your organisation.


Deliver better service to your customers.

Say goodbye to paper trails or re-keying data from emails. You can go simple, with simple one-shot forms or create more complex processes and have all this data automatically posted where you want it.

Increases productivity & saves time.

Our mobile forms app makes filling in data quick and easy as it's designed for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Information is more accurate and is synced back immediately so you can get on with more work.

Reduce your IT costs.

The software is accessed by a modern web browser and native mobile apps. There's no need for additional hardware or expensive IT personnel. 

Scale up as you need. 

Set up validation and conditional flow rules to help users input the correct data at the right time.

Empower your field workforce.

Send your customers, emails with reports attached (or SMS texts) when forms are submitted or at key stages within a workflow.

Gain better business insight.

All your data can be viewed and filtered with easy manual or automated exports to your favourite business intelligence tools.

Built on Zappforms™.

Our innovative platforms enables full customisation of fields, entities, workflows, forms and web portal with instant publishing to offline capable mobile apps that work on iOS®, Android® and Windows®.

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