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Britvic, UK's leading drinks supplier, uses Solarvista to manage field service

Customer Success

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Britvic plc use Solarvista to manage the install, maintenance and repair of more than 70,000 drink dispensing assets in the UK.

“The Solarvista Field Service Solution provided the best overall fit to the Britvic vision of delivering an enhanced customer experience and supporting field execution through a controlled system workflow. Additionally, the extensive functionality that exists across the planning, mobile worker and the inventory management areas fulfilled key criteria in the selection process.”
Britvic Commercial Manager


A FTSE-250 company, Britvic Soft Drinks plc is one of the two leading branded soft drinks businesses in the UK and has a turnover in excess of £1billion.

With great brands like Robinsons, J2O, Tango and Fruit Shoot, and exclusive agreements to make and distribute global brands like Pepsi and 7UP on behalf of PepsiCo, Britvic sells over 1.4 billion litres of soft drinks each year.

Britvic’s technical services division is responsible for over 70,000 drink dispensing assets in the UK. These assets, such as dispense post-mix, vending machines and refrigeration units in bars and stores, require an extensive ongoing planned maintenance service, together with reactive response for breakdown scenarios under Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments.

The division includes over 100 field based technicians spread over 10 territories who carry out an average of 8,000 dispense installations and make around 100,000 maintenance calls every year. 95% of all calls to Technical Services are responsive breakdown calls rather than planned maintenance.

Britvic operates free service and installation for its customers and therefore optimal efficiency and cost control are both key to maintaining their successful business model. With this in mind, Britvic chose to invest in a new service management back-office, mobile and scheduling solution to replace a 10 year old system.

Selection Process

There were a number of key criteria that Britvic required in their new fully integrated field service solution. These included:

Assisted automated planning & capacity management – to automatically allocate maintenance calls direct to engineers, with minimal manual input from office-based scheduling staff.

Improved customer experience – the ability to offer appointment windows for maintenance calls and ensure field engineers are able to arrive on time within the specified window at least 95% of the time.

Book appointments in the field – allow field engineers to book appointments with customers for return visits for example where a part needs to be ordered and a return visit made to fit it.

Automated stock ordering – automation of stock ordering processes for field engineers. Van stock replenishments and installation equipment orders to be automated rather than manual processes to increase field engineer efficiency.

Real-time system integration to Britvic core systems – real-time interfaces to SAP and corporate data. Britvic use existing systems for CRM, procurement, warehouse management and financial systems that will be maintained and therefore a robust and real-time integration to these systems is essential.

Configurable and adaptable system – to enable business changes to be rapidly supported as required.

Following an extensive search process where all vendors in the market were evaluated, Solarvista’s field service solution was selected as the best fit.

“Solarvista fulfilled key selection criteria with its extensive functionality across planning, mobile worker and inventory management.”

Britvic, Commercial Manager

Solarvista’s Field Service Solution

Solarvista’s field service solution offers a complete suite of applications and tools specific for all aspects of field service management. The range of products provides automated scheduling decisions, workforce capacity planning and management, real-time location feeds to geographical mapping tools, mobile-enabled workflow, mobile field parts control, mobile customer information access and materials management as well as asset census facilities.

Extensive integration with Britvic’s systems enables information to flow in real-time to all relevant customer service personnel irrespective of whether using Solarvista applications or not. This resulted in the delivery of improved response, increased customer satisfaction and elevated customer retention.

Mike King, Commercial Project Manager at Britvic Soft Drinks Plc said:

“The Solarvista field service solution provided the best overall fit to the Britvic vision of delivering an enhanced customer experience and supporting field execution through a controlled system workflow. Additionally, the extensive functionality that exists across the planning, mobile worker and the inventory management areas fulfilled key criteria in the selection process.”

The Implementation

The implementation began using a pilot, with 2 out of 10 field regions moving from the old redundant system to Solarvista initially. The remaining 8 completed the move to Solarvista at a later date on a region by region basis. This gradual roll out across the 10 regions and the 23 planning zones was a positive approach for Britvic that enabled them to monitor progress and ensure that all staff were adequately trained and prepared.

60 contact centre personnel were retrained to deal with maintenance call logging, new business dispense leads and chiller and vending leads using the Solarvista software solution. Training resources were deployed ahead of roll-out in each region and appointments were made for technicians assigned to each particular planning zone.

Whilst this did deliver the expected number of calls per day, due to the size of these 10 territories, some journey times for jobs were greatly increased. Britvic reconfigured the initial 23 planning zones and reduced the coverage of each to create 71 service territories instead with each technician assigned ownership of a specific geography. This reconfigured solution has delivered great benefits to Britvic as a result.

The Results

Solarvista’s leading field service management technology delivers operational benefits which have a direct positive impact upon customer service levels. Customers can be offered appointments on the phone and the technicians arrived on time in almost all cases. If another appointment is needed, technicians can book this directly with the customer in the field rather than having to route another call through the office.

Britvic have seen productivity increase by 10% with more efficient route planning and calls per day up to an average of 5.5 from 4.5 per engineer before the installation of the software. The average travel time reduced to 37 minutes per engineer per day and a lot of business processes are now automated. For example maintenance jobs are automatically allocated to a technician without any need for manual intervention.

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