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Secure, resilient & reliable.

Solarvista™ LIVE is built entirely within the industry leading Microsoft’s Azure cloud data centres in Europe (UK, NL and IE). We have engineered the platform to be extremely resilient to failure and 100% secure. We offer 99% availability as a minimum, with the remaining time often used for routine in-advance scheduled maintenance.

Microsoft® Cloud Partner.

Solarvista™ is a certified and accredited Microsoft® Cloud Partner. We have used Azure since its inception in 2010 and we use it 100% to operate Solarvista™ LIVE.

Unsurpassed security standards.

Microsoft Azure offers the best compliance coverage of over fifty compliance offerings and is the most trusted cloud platform by U.S. government institutions. It is the first to embrace the new international standard for Cloud privacy, ISO 27018. Microsoft guarantees the best in terms of safety for all operations and data on the Azure Cloud.

End-to-end & static data encryption.

Solarvista™ LIVE uses industry-strength 128-bit encryption to ensure all data transmitted from our services to local clients (web or any mobile app) is completely secure.

Constantly monitored.

Our cloud engineers constantly monitor the performance of Solarvista™ LIVE (and the underlying Zappforms™ platform) using a wide range of automated and visual tools. Any concerning trend is highlighted and quickly investigated. 

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