Established for over 25 years, our products are used by companies of various sizes and industry sectors.

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About Solarvista

Established for over 25 years, we are the UK's leading provider of field service software and mobile apps. Our credit rating is always 90+ so you can be sure of our continued service. 

We are constantly evolving both in terms of innovation of products and the investment in people, processes and services. This innovation ensures we remain an agile asset to our customers’ ever expanding needs. Our field service software and apps are constantly being developed utilising the latest technologies.

Our products and services are used by, and provide benefits for, both large and small businesses in all types of industry. We deliver a real competitive advantage and we are proven to be beneficial for companies aiming to increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Investment for the future

Investing in a Solarvista field service management solution is an investment for the future. Our continuous research and development programme ensures we’ll keep you at the forefront of technology and practices. Our associations and partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors ensure that our solutions keep pace with the fast moving world of IT.

Our solutions help you to drive up service levels. They allow you to tailor services to your customers’ needs. They give you 360 degree cost visibility to enable you to compete more effectively. They’ll reduce or eliminate Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations and equipment downtime. In short, your customers will be satisfied and stay loyal. Whilst driving up service levels, our field service management systems drive down costs. They reduce duplication and increase work force utilisation and productivity. They give you the ability to increase revenue generation opportunities. All this will deliver more to the bottom line. Your board will see a remarkable return on investment.


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