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Workforce Mobility Application Builder



Create custom applications with “no-code”.

Build your own custom workforce mobility applications with supporting web portal with ‘no code’ in hours. Simply configure data sources with custom fields, label, configure workflows using simple flow-charts and setup activities/forms that must be completed at each stage. Customise your menus and configure validation rules and defaults.



Instantly publish to mobile apps and web portals.

Your configurations and designs are published to the mobile apps & web portal, which then interprets those instructions in real-time, even offline. This means any design you create can be operational and live in minutes. Any subsequent changes, are also published immediately but any previous versions (or work items in progress) are still maintained so live apps and work in progress is not impacted.



Create your own databases for your business information.

Create your own databases with custom fields, properties, validations and defaults. Field types can be text, numbers, images, documents, addresses with gazetteers, locations or true/false. Fields can be automatically populated with data from other data sources dependent upon lookup criteria. Data can be uploaded easily using simple text files.



Link with thousands of other applications or cloud services.

Connect to several major cloud services using built-in connectors. Microsoft® OneDrive™ & Microsoft® Power BI is built-in, together with generic web connector allowing connection to Microsoft® Flow or Zapier® and therefore thousands of third-party cloud applications and services.



Calendar shows availability of mobile operatives.

Use a calendar with timeline Gantt, monthly, weekly, daily and agenda views allow you to quickly see which mobile operatives are free and drag & drop work items to assign them.



Transmit work instructions to your mobile operatives.

Send work items to mobile operatives complete with workflow definitions, service level, information fields & any attached documents. Mobile apps operate online and offline and work for all device types, including iOS, Android and Windows.



Workflow-driven control of activities or forms.

Lead your mobile operatives with intuitive workflow-driven activities or form completion. Conditional flow control within activities & forms allows specific fields to be mandated or skipped as required. Information can be sent immediately too, for real-time scenarios.



Track activities or create easy-to-populate electronic forms.

Use custom forms to capture information about routine tasks or processes. Capture signatures both before work start and/or at the end. Custom forms can also be submitted anytime on an ad-hoc basis, for example, outside of normal workflows.



Automatically send emails or SMS at key moments.

When work is at key stages in workflow, you can configure automated actions, such as sending an email or SMS (additional product/cost) messages. Using automated actions, thousands of third party products can be used to communicate to stakeholders or to post data to other cloud services.



Use device GPS to track key points on maps.

The mobile apps collect location data for key points, such as workflow transitions, forms submitted or activities completed. These locations are collated and displayed with work items, forms and which can be used for data analysis purposes.



See your data in real time on dashboards.

In real-time, you can optionally post data to Microsoft® Power BI* to create informative dashboards & reports that you can see on desktop, tablets or your smartphone. Otherwise, all data collected is stored in the cloud and accessible via the web portal with views that you can configure.

*additional subscription required



Modern, developer-friendly API.

If you are a developer, take full programmatic control with the REST-based API (application programming interface). Build real-time integrations to your other cloud applications.



No expensive development.

You can build applications without deep technical knowledge; no need for expensive developers; no need to wait for apps; just click and save to publish.

Gain business insight.

With a built-in connector to Microsoft® Power BI™, your data can be posted in real-time to be displayed on dashboards & interactive reports.

Save time.

Avoid unnecessary phone calls and manual completion of paperwork or long-winded documents attached to emails.

Use any devices.

Because our mobile apps are available for iOS™ , Android™ and Windows™, your operatives can use the devices they prefer or already own.

Improve compliance.

Ensure compliance with standards and processes by mandating key activities at key moments and ensuring data captured is complete and validated.

Simplify IT.

The software is accessed via a modern web browser and native mobile apps. There's no need for additional servers or expensive IT personnel.

Easy roll-out.

The mobile apps are available for free from major app stores and updated automatically. They are designed to be quick to learn and easy to use.

Become agile.

React quickly to new business demands as you can make design changes to the system yourself and publish these instantly to your users.

Improve security.

We run entirely within Microsoft’s Azure data centres which operate to the highest reliability, resilience and security standards.

Plans & Pricing

Billed annually
Billed monthly


Min 5 users




Get Started

Responsive web portal.
Mobile apps for iOS, Android & Windows.
Offline/online capability.
Custom work templates.
Custom forms & activities.
Custom data sources.
Custom workflows.
Custom fields.
Photos & documents.
Menu builder.
Import/export tools.

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Min 5 users




Get Started

Everything in Lite plus:

Recurring work/tasks.
Location capture.
Map views.
Non-working time.
Generic web connector (HTTP).
Automated batch export.
Microsoft Power BI connector.
Microsoft OneDrive connector.


Min 20 users




Contact Sales

Everything in Standard plus:

Unlimited users option.
Priority support.
Multiple accounts.
Developer API access.
Dedicated success manager.
Integrations support.
Review meetings.
Enterprise terms option.

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