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Everything you need to know about the G Cloud 9 Framework

G Cloud 9 Framework helps the public-sector purchase cloud technology and support that meets the standards required from local authorities and the wider public sector. With a strong focus on how secure the services are and where they store their data, buying cloud services through this framework is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

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Solarvista is an Approved G Cloud 9 Supplier

We are thrilled to have had our supplier application accepted for G Cloud 9 and accordingly, we are now listed on the governments Digital Market Place. This is where public sector buyers can purchase our cloud field service management solution without the need to undertake prior screening, as we meet the standards required by the government.

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Why independent field service software & mobile specialist means best-of-breed?

At Solarvista we’re fiercely proud to deliver the very best in field service management software and it is our independence that enables us to maintain the single minded focus needed to achieve this goal so successfully. We do not have conflicting interests, from the board room to the front desk our manager is ‘the task in hand’ – to develop and supply the very best field service management software.

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The advantages and disadvantages of BYOD.

The BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) debate is one that has received much coverage in recent months with some in the service sector as well as other industries arguing that BYOD is the only way forward for businesses looking to compete effectively and offer the most efficient customer service and increased employee satisfaction. But what is BYOD? What is the impact on the business, the workers, and the customers?

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The mobile app is dead. Long live the platform!

At Solarvista, we launched our first mobile app way back in 2002, called Mobile Worker. It was designed to operate as field service mobile application with our existing field service management back office ERP suite. It did it very well. But… that’s all it did. Yes, you could receive jobs. Yes, you could order parts. Yes, you could capture signatures, take pictures etc. And it worked offline as well as online. In fact it did all of the things that we could think that service technicians wanted to do. It was (and still is) a great application. In fact, it’s used to this day for thousands of users.

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Inventory management in field service is hard to get right.

Leading edge practitioners have long recognised that effective visible inventory management and stock control are very different from simple inventory reduction. As a result of a sophisticated inventory management system, a world class cost-effective service operation can differentiate itself from the competition, lower costs and drive up customer satisfaction.

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SaaS and Agile projects - the perfect combination for reduced cost and quicker implementations.

As one of the founders of Solarvista Software, a leading UK-based developer of field service management software, I’ve been involved in hundreds of service management software implementation projects, large and small, complex and simple. These implementations are usually shaped as a result of the pre-sale procurement process with the “RFP” or Request for Proposal being at the heart of the “definition”. When software was purchased “the old way”, i.e. with large commitments (the “license fee” and let’s face it, “heavy contracts”) in advance, this made perfect sense. The customer wanted to know what they were getting and be sure of it. Of course, a completely understandable position. These RFP documents are usually a collection of individual requirements, gathered from submissions made by multiple individuals within the organisation.

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