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- System Capabilities - 

CRM & ERP Data


Solarvista 2-in-1 Field Service Management System & 'No-code' Application Platform

Hold all your business data in one place.

Solarvista can hold just the right amount of business and/or CRM data to empower your field service operations.




Store information about your customers, sites & contacts.

Store information about your customer accounts, their sites and location of service, contacts and communications info. If using another application, Solarvista can sync data from that system doe use within Solarvista's applications and apps.


Hold product master with complex pricing models.

Store product masters with part numbers, supplier codes, descriptions etc. together with pricing models that are used to calculate billing, if required. As with customer data, this can be synced from another application if required.


Maintain resource information for use with planning.

To get the best person for the specific task, Solarvista holds skills, qualifications & certifications which can be assigned to operatives, including validity dates. These are then used with planner and calendar feature to assist with work assignment. These can be synced with other HR applications too.


Hold details of contracts & assets with customers.

Store agreements, service levels, equipment or assets with start and end dates and charges etc. This integrates fully with work processing to ensure entitlements are validated and delivered.


Add any supplemental data using no-code technology.

All data files and activities are defined using Solarvista 'no-code' application builder technology. This means you can add/edit all fields, menus and even create new data files, all of which can be used to store own data. These new data files (or fields) can be woven into the overall application data model and used accordingly.


Just some of the benefits...

Simplify IT.

The software is accessed via a modern web browser and native mobile apps. There's no need for additional servers or expensive IT personnel.

Become agile.

React quickly to new business demands as you can make design changes to the system yourself and publish these instantly to your users.

Save time & money.

When processes are automated and communications just flow in an instant, you'll save time which saves money.

What our customers say...

"We are delighted with the three-dimensional capabilities of Solarvista and we have still barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. There are so many new features which we have yet to use which I am sure will improve the businesses efficiency more and more in the future."
Customer Service Manager
Industry: Industrial Equipment
"The solution is customisable and much quicker to use. The result has been more reliable data, and a workflow that feels bespoke whilst still being delivered on their standard platform.”
MIS Manager
Industry: Refrigeration
"We've integrated Solarvista's scheduling APIs to create a uniquely productive process. Solarvista have been easy to work with and it's solutions work well for us."
Development Manager
Industry: Legal Services

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Frequently asked questions...