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Job Management


Solarvista 2-in-1 Field Service Management System & 'No-code' Application Platform

Get jobs done faster. And on-time.

Solarvista enables you to manage jobs easier, streamline processes and accelerate data capture. With both a web portal and mobile apps that work perfectly together to work everywhere and anywhere, it ensures a more efficient business.



Flexible for all job types...


Capture faults against assets and track with SLA response times. Record break/fix information.


Automate inspection processes with recurring work items and defined forms for different types.


Perform recurring tasks with relevant checklists and forms completed.


Perform miscellaneous tasks with customised procedures and activity capture.


Capture project status information on a timely basis and report back into customised dashboards.


Create unlimited custom workflows specific to your needs.


Get complete control.

Every work item is controlled by a workflow designed to operate with the mobile apps. This allows easy yet controlled update of stage & restricts options presented to user. Choice of workflow styles with on/off toggles for specific stages. Each workflow stage then mandates selected activities or forms to be completed and controls next stage choices.


Make recurring work easy.

For repeating work, you can automatically generate work items on a daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly basis (or even one-time). These can optionally be set to auto assign to a specific operative and include standard documentation and/or media attached. Each one then can be processed in the normal way.


Track all activity in real-time.

Automatically capture travel and working time. Record parts/materials used or required. Add notes or use camera for photos. Use custom forms to capture information about routine tasks or processes. Capture signatures both before work start and/or at the end. Custom forms can also be submitted anytime on an ad-hoc basis.


Join the 'no-code' revolution.

Because Solarvista combines an Application Builder with a full featured Field Service Management System, more advanced applications can be built using ready-made features for CRM, ERP, billing, costing, parts and materials, SLAs and much more.


Just some of the benefits...

Improve compliance.

Ensure compliance with standards and processes by mandating key activities at key moments and ensuring data captured is complete and validated.

Save money.

When processes are automated and communications just flow in an instant, you'll save time which saves money.

Get more work done.

Better planning with instant data flows means more jobs per day is possible.

What our customers say...

“Solarvista was selected based on the flexibility of the product and the proven ability to deliver software solutions within our industry."
Senior Manager
Industry: Refrigeration
Hose Doctor
“We were very impressed with the way Solarvista understood our requirements and the issues we face when running our business. The flexibility that Solarvista offers means we get a customised service management application that fits our needs and not the other way around. Solarvista is the best solution we could have asked for.”
Service Ops Director
Industry: Hydraulic Service
"We are delighted with the three-dimensional capabilities of Solarvista and we have still barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. There are so many new features which we have yet to use which I am sure will improve the businesses efficiency more and more in the future."
Customer Service Manager
Industry: Industrial Equipment

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Frequently asked questions...