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Agreements & SLA


Solarvista 2-in-1 Field Service Management System & 'No-code' Application Platform

Manage contractual service & track SLAs.

Solarvista includes a feature set for managing, renewing and billing contractual relationships between you and your customers. Ideal for service and maintenance contracts, it covers multiple sites, service levels, equipment, assets and recurring services.



Agreements & SLA

Flexible agreements to hold contractual details.

Holds service relationship between your organisation and customer. Stores customer, start and end dates, service levels, charges etc., and integrates fully with work processing to ensure entitlements are validated and delivered.

Agreements & SLA

Track SLAs in real-time.

Set contractual times for response (start by) and completion (complete by) which are computed automatically against working hours and site access times. Service levels (SLAs) are tracked and monitored for either 'pass' or 'fail'.

Agreements & SLA

Price agreements by equipment or asset.

Agreements may be priced individually by each added (or removed) Equipment item so that billing is kept accurate and aligned to existing payment intervals. This enables complex billing adjustments to be made automatically.

Agreements & SLA

Automatically generate recurring bills.

Agreements that are billing at specific intervals are automatically invoiced and at end of term, renewals can be automatically processed. Agreements that expire or are cancelled are also handled, including any linked service and maintenance work.

Agreements & SLA

Integrate with your accounting systems.

Invoices or just billing data, can be sent to your accounting software automatically using one of our ready-made connectors. Even if we don't have a connector for your specific accounting software, we can build a connector for you (subject to terms). External accounting ledger codes can be intelligently determined using a hierarchical method. 


Just some of the benefits...

Reduce costs.

Ensure that entitlements controlled by agreements are properly enforced whilst meeting service levels.

Simplify IT.

The software is accessed via a modern web browser and native mobile apps. There's no need for additional servers or expensive IT personnel.

Improve cashflow.

Automated calculation of bills means you can send invoices or post data to your accounting software as soon as work is completed.

What our customers say...

Carter Synergy
"Streamlining the job process is key to success at Carters. The business operates on short response times in a demanding market. Providing time saving applications is key to Carters success in delivering their service.”
Head of Business
Industry: Refrigeration
EV Charging Solutions
“We’re so impressed by Solarvista and the project outcome. They are professional, pleasant and challenge us with new ideas. We’ll be adding more users very soon.”
Sanda Cambel
Director of Marketing
"We've integrated Solarvista's scheduling APIs to create a uniquely productive process. Solarvista have been easy to work with and it's solutions work well for us."
Development Manager
Industry: Legal Services

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