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Implement your way.

Everyone is different. So, we offer a variety of individual services and ready-made packages to get you up and running quickly with your new Solarvista cloud product. 

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Do It Yourself

All customers get access to our online help center so they can learn how to use or implement themselves. In addition, support is available via our help desk.



We provide a fixed price package to provide training and guidance to reach your objectives. We'll set a number of hours for the package which you call-off over time as required.


Fully Managed

We fully manage your implementation providing training, configuration, data migration and project management guidance.


On-boarding Packages

We offer fixed price packages for cost of implementation labour which can be varied depending upon your specific needs. Our experiences Customer Success team members will provide a quantity of hours based upon your plan selected and your specific needs.


We will train you to how to use your Solarvista cloud product for your specific objectives. We use latest remote web meeting technologies to achieve this, and where deemed applicable, we will provide face-to-face training.  We record the video sessions so that you can watch them later as you require.


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Depending upon product selected, it either comes ready-made to work or requires some additional configuration to meet your specific needs. We set the balance between you learning how to do this and the speed in which together we can achieve the objectives. Configuration can include extra data, new views or screens, workflow changes or automated communications.


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Data Import

All our products include easy to use data import tools for all types of data, including any you may create in customised data sources or fields. However, we can help you map existing data into the most appropriate place in your new Solarvista account.


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Our products include standard and generic connectors to allow information to be exchanged with your other cloud-based systems, such as accounting or ERP solutions. Our generic web connector allows products like Microsoft Flow or Logic Apps to be used to easily, as well as many other middleware products such as Zapier.

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Using an on-boarding package is ideal because it's flexible at the same time as being very cost effective.
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