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A 'No-code' Application Platform enabling custom applications or hybrid solutions.


Expertise to help accelerate your project and get the most from it.

- System Capabilities - 

Digital Forms


Solarvista 2-in-1 Field Service Management System & 'No-code' Application Platform

Eliminate paper and digitise your data capture.

Solarvista includes a forms designer where digital forms can be created to replace inefficient paper of electronic files sent via email. Forms are easily populated when displayed on mobile or tablets.



Digital Forms

Replace time-consuming paper or email trails.

Take your paper forms or even electronic forms done in other software and digitise them ready for use within Solarvista, at the right moment. Forms can be completed easily

Digital Forms

Use intelligent flow control for better data quality.

The answers to questions on the form can control the flow with logic. This is useful where information within the form drives a series of optional sections.

Digital Forms

Use a range of field types and input controls. 

Forms or activities can be designed with as many fields as required and with many different types including text, number, image, document, picklist/lookup and signatures. Fields can also filter using cascades i.e. where one field is filtered by a previous value.

Digital Forms

Use forms within workflows or at any time as ad-hoc submissions.

Forms can be submitted anytime or only within a defined workflow within a work item. These forms in workflow can be set to mandatory or optional. Forms are either submitted immediately or together at the end of a workflow.

Digital Forms

Easy entry of data as they forms adapt to any device.

Forms automatically adapt to the device used, whether it be a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop device using mouse and keyboard.


Just some of the benefits...

Improve compliance.

Ensure compliance with standards and processes by mandating key activities at key moments and ensuring data captured is complete and validated.

Use any devices.

Because our mobile apps are available for iOS™ , Android™ and Windows™, your operatives can use the devices they prefer or already own.

Simplify IT.

The software is accessed via a modern web browser and native mobile apps. There's no need for additional servers or expensive IT personnel.

What our customers say...

"Solarvista was selected for many reasons but mainly for the flexibility of the product which would enable us to adapt to any changes, without the need for coding or development.”
Group Head of Controls
Industry: Civil Engineering
“From onboarding to implementation, the whole process of installing Solarvista was simple and seamless and it was refreshing to have a responsive, UK based technical team to quickly sort out any queries had.”
Operations Manager
Industry: Retail
"We've integrated Solarvista's scheduling APIs to create a uniquely productive process. Solarvista have been easy to work with and it's solutions work well for us."
Development Manager
Industry: Legal Services

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