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A 'No-code' Application Platform enabling custom applications or hybrid solutions.


Expertise to help accelerate your project and get the most from it.

- System Capabilities - 

Business Insight


Solarvista 2-in-1 Field Service Management System & 'No-code' Application Platform

Gain real insight into how your business performs.

Solarvista allows all relevant data to be captured via intentful workflows that deliver just the right amount and quality of data to analyse using business intelligence tools. All data is accessible and transferrable to third-party tools.




Analysis information is easily accessible.

Each activity is computed in real-time for both cost and potential charges (and thus profits/loss) and stored within a single Journal complete with analysis information. This single Journal is designed to be easy to analyse in tools such as Microsoft Excel.


Updates external BI and reporting tools.

Whenever any event takes place in Solarvista, such a workflow stage transition or form/activity is transmitted, data can be posted to an internal or external data storage location.

Example shown: Microsoft Power BI.


Use embedded designer to build great reports.


A comprehensive report designer built into the product and accessed within the web portal enables documents and charts to be generated from any data captured or stored within Solarvista.


At-a-glance charts using custom dashboards.


Build dashboards that display in the web portal and on the mobile app and provide key data in various types of charts.


Customise analytics to your exact needs.


Setup statistical computations on any field for instant analytics. These can be customised for your exact needs.


Just some of the benefits...

Gain insight.

With a built-in connector to Microsoft® Power BI™ (or other BI tools) your data can be posted in real-time to be displayed on dashboards & interactive reports.

Better service.

Create workflows that exactly match your specific customer or business needs. Operatives are prompted for specific information at key stages.

Become agile.

React quickly to new business demands as you can make design changes to the system yourself and publish these instantly to your users.

What our customers say...

"From onboarding to implementation, the whole process of installing Solarvista was simple and seamless and it was refreshing to have a responsive, UK-based technical team to quickly resolve any queries we had.”
Operations Director
Industry: Retail
"We are delighted with the three-dimensional capabilities of Solarvista and we have still barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. There are so many new features which we have yet to use which I am sure will improve the businesses efficiency more and more in the future."
Customer Service Manager
Industry: Industrial Equipment
"We particularly liked Solarvista for the great flexibility of the platform which we couldn’t find anywhere else. It effectively allows us to simply build our own system using low code – no code principals with no large development costs.”
Project Control Manager
Industry: Construction

Other relevant capabilities...

Data Automation & IoT

Exchange data with other systems.

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Laptops against globe blue illustration. Globalization concepts

Job Costing and Billing

Track costs and calculate charges in real-time.

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Job Management

Manage different types of work efficiently.

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Frequently asked questions...