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The world's first


Field Service Management System


'No-code' Application Platform



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Combined power for ultimate flexibility.

Solarvista is the world's first '2-in-1' field service management system that is built within, and provided with, 'no-code' application builder technology. It streamlines your field service operations by providing ready-made but customisable features that work together to create intentful, easy-to-use, business process automation. Running in both web and on phones, tablets and PCs/laptops, it lets you do more, with less, whilst improving customer experience.

A complete field service management system...

Store all information you need to run your operation, including customers, sites, equipment/assets, products, inventory info, pricing policies, agreements/contracts, service levels, rosters, skills, qualifications, territories, responsibilities, knowledgebase, workflow definitions and much more. 

Plan work using a calendar view for each operative viewable by agenda, timeline, day, week & month formats. 

Bill easily as invoices are automatically calculated in real-time from your own rules and generated automatically for completed work or recurring fees from service agreements. 



... or a custom field/workflow application. 

Build custom field-oriented workflow applications with ‘no code’ required, in minutes not months. 

Leverage our ready-made library for common business functions, such as SLA computation, parts tracking and billing.

Configure data sources with custom fields, labels etc., and configure workflows using simple flow-charts and setup activities/forms that must be completed at each stage. 


Even better, a hybrid of both ready-made and custom.

Unique '2-in-1' architectural approach allows our richly featured field service management system to be customised to meet your exact needs.

By combining ready-made features with custom features built using the embedded 'no-code' technology, your business can achieve outstanding results in a rapid timeframe. 


Use mobile apps that run on every device type...

When mobile apps are intentful and designed exactly to match your desired business processes, they become not only easy-to-use, but more likely to be used more often with more relevant data capture. This leaves your mobile operatives more time to get more work done.


... and work offline.

All data captured by the mobile apps can be returned immediately for viewing in the web portal or for posting to other cloud services or applications. This means you get instant insight into operational status and can make better, faster decisions.   


System Capabilities...

Field Service Management 

Streamlines your field service operations by providing ready-made but customisable features that work together to create intentful, easy-to-use, business process automation for projects, repairs, installs, survey and maintenance. 

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Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile apps for field-based workforces to receive work as part of defined workflows. They're specially designed to be super-easy to use, operating on mobile phones, tablets or PC/laptops and are available for all three major devices, including iOS, Android and Windows.

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Job Management

Manage jobs easier, streamline processes and accelerate data capture. With both a web portal and mobile apps that work perfectly together to work everywhere and anywhere, it ensures a more efficient business.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Intuitive multi-user calendar with linked mobile apps to enable instant dispatch and real-time feedback of status. Work can be assigned to users using a drag and drop approach and candidates are offered to aid decisions.

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Job Costing & Billing

Automatically calculate, in real-time, the exact financial cost of any activity, and also compute any corresponding charges to be made, as a result of information held against customers, contracts or policies. This can then be used immediately to generate bills or collect payments.

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Agreements & SLAs

Feature set for managing, renewing and billing contractual relationships between you and your customers. Ideal for service and maintenance contracts, it covers multiple sites, service levels, equipment, assets and recurring services.

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Accounting Integration

Interoperate with your existing accounting software, syncing relevant master data, such as customers, accounts, product masters etc. and post billing and inventory data updates as required.

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Business Insight

All relevant data is captured via intentful workflows that deliver just the right amount and quality of data to analyse using business intelligence tools. All data is accessible and transferrable to third-party tools.

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Digital Forms

Use forms designer to create digital forms to replace inefficient paper of electronic files sent via email. Forms are easily populated when displayed on mobile or tablets.

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Estimating & Quotations

Produce estimates or quotations for work, including labour, parts, packages and service contracts, and then automatically generate work items for planning and generate relevant billing for payments (due Q2-Q3/23).

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CRM & ERP Data

Holds just the right amount of business and/or CRM data to empower your field service operations.  Additional, supplementary data to support processes can be created using integrated user-defined data sources.

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Customer Portals

Innovative security model for both UI and data access that allows you to offer customised web portals for your customers and improve the overall customer experience.

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Parts/Materials Tracking

Manage product masters and track parts/materials usage within a field service or mobile workforce environment. You can create master product files and track, usage, movements, collections and requests.

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Data Automation & IoT

Embedded, automated data integration facilities that can post data to other systems or create new posted data internally from actions that occur outside, for example, accounting systems or IoT events.

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Automated Alerts & Documents

Automatically notify users via portal, mobile app or email to issues related to performance, to help ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

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No-code Application Platform

Whether replacing a manual process, spreadsheets or email, or extending existing systems, Solarvista enables instant creation and updating of easy-to-use, intuitive mobile apps with web portal access.

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"We've integrated Solarvista's scheduling APIs to create a uniquely productive process. Solarvista have been easy to work with and it's solutions work well for us."
Development Manager
Industry: Legal Services
"There are many job management systems in the market, but few have the ability and agility to be configured and deployed as quickly as Solarvista."
IT Manager
Industry: Property Services
Carter Synergy
"The solution is customisable and much quicker to use. The result has been more reliable data, and a workflow that feels bespoke whilst still being delivered on their standard platform.”
MIS Manager
Industry: Refrigeration




We take security very seriously.


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