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A 'No-code' Application Platform enabling custom applications or hybrid solutions.


Expertise to help accelerate your project and get the most from it.

Solarvista for

Business Analyst or IT Manager

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Benefit from latest 'no-code' technology designed specifically for field service & mobile workflows.


As a Business Analyst or IT Professional, you'll know that staying competitive is vital to your company's success, whatever your industry. In recent years, several information technologies have appeared that are transforming business. One of these, known as "no-code technology", is enabling business to become super agile and respond instantly to market demands at the same time as dramatically lowering costs of operation.

Now, Solarvista has used its twenty-five years of experience developing field service & mobile workflow software to create a revolutionary "2-in-1" product that not only is a field service system, but crucially 'no-code' application platform in one suite. This means, your specific, custom field workflow processes can be perfectly modelled and rendered within applications that run within a web portal and as offline-capable mobile apps. In addition, Solarvista enables real-time information capture and automated costing and charging from activities, to fine detail.

Whatever your industry, Solarvista's technology can deliver increased efficiency, productivity gains, data quality improvements and reduced operational costs, almost immediately. 

Deliver early... with budget to spare.

Yes, just imagine delivering exactly what your users want, in record time, with budget to spare. That's normal with Solarvista's unique 2-in-1 architecture that delivers ready-made complex business features with point-and-click customisability.


Adapt to customer needs quickly.

Our revolutionary 'no-code' customisable technology enables rapid modernisation and automation of your field service workflows, in days, not months. 


Predictable and low running costs.

Solarvista is software-as-a-service and cloud based, with inclusive fees by month/users or in some cases a transactional basis. The mobile apps run on all device types so no need to buy new devices. 


Create custom applications alongside standard features.

Don't change your business to fit software, let the software fit around your business. Using 'no-code' technology combined with ready-made business features reduces development costs and time by up to 90%.


Dramatically reduce development costs & timescales

Don't change your business to fit software, let the software fit around your business. Using 'no-code' technology combined with ready-made business features reduces development costs and time by up to 90%.

Carter Synergy
"Streamlining the job process is key to success for us as the business operates on very short response times in a demanding market. Providing time saving applications is key to success in delivering their service. Solarvista really helps us do this.”
"As one of the biggest changes that Costa Express have ever undertaken, Solarvista have delivered our new field service solution superbly... on time and within budget.”
C-Level Executive

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2-in-1: Field Service Management System

The field service management system that adapts to your business, not the other way around.

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2 in 1: No-code Application Platform

'No-code' application platform designed specifically for field workflows.

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Professional Services

We offer a variety of individual services to get you up and running quickly, and on budget.

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