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Hose Doctor Logo

Established in 1995 by Michael Cranston and Nigel Coffey, Hose Doctor had the vision of providing a rapid solution for on-site hydraulic hose repairs. Their goal was to keep downtime to a minimum whilst maximising their clients’ productivity.

At first the company consisted of just two service vans that solely focused on the construction industry in Dublin but by 1998 the fleet was up to five Dublin-based vans and a new branch in Cork was opened.
By 2003 Hose Doctor had its first warehouse, trade counter and new branches in Waterford and Limerick.

As with most businesses, the recession years from 2007 posed some obstacles for Hose Doctor but during this time they began exploring new industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and renewable energy among others.

Today, Hose Doctor has a team of twenty-six staff, as well as twelve mobile workshops, equipped with all of the modern technology needed to service any issue their clients face.

Emergency breakdown cover has always been Hose Doctor’s number one priority and they have also branched out into large scale installations, preventive maintenance scheduling and systems diagnostics.
Hose Doctor pride themselves in stellar customer service, giving their clients 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance. In recent years their average response time from initial phone call to arriving on site has been under sixty minutes.

Why Solarvista?

Hose Doctor selected Solarvista to automate and modernise their fleet of 25 mobile hose fitting technicians, the key points for the decision were:

The flexibility of Solarvista’s platform to create custom workflow and forms to fit the Hose Doctor business process.

The ability to create jobs with an ad-hoc address location and not just a fixed site (Hose Doctor’s clients can request them to either fixed site or to roadside).

The Solarvista public API allows for simplicity of connection to Hose Doctor’s finance system and tracking system.

Solarvista’s consultative approach and inclusive onboarding hours removed the work needed by Hose Doctor and got the solution live quickly with the benefit of best practice advice.

Hose Doctor runs on the Google G-Suite office system. Solarvista can utilise Single Sign On via a Google account which saves field technicians time and effort on remembering third party passwords.

“We were very impressed with the way Solarvista understood our requirements and the issues we face when running our business. The flexibility that Solarvista offers means we get a customised service management application that fits our needs and not the other way around. Solarvista is the best solution we could have asked for.”

Helana – Service Operations

Emma James

Written by Emma James