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J. Murphy & Sons Limited turns to Solarvista.

By Emma James on Dec 2, 2022 2:49:09 PM

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J. Murphy & Sons Limited was established in 1951 by John Murphy and was initially involved in working on post-war regeneration projects - the focus soon switched to the specialist reconstruction of the country’s electrical infrastructure. Then came road expansion projects, water services and Post Office cable installation. Later, and one of their greatest infrastructure achievements, was the introduction of natural gas pipelines in the UK and Ireland.

By the 1970s J. Murphy & Sons was involved in the UK’s National Rail reconstruction project, building and property development and developing projects with Thames Water. By the 80s, Murphy was undertaking major developments across London, including the construction of a tunnel to link Stansted Airport to the rail network. Later came the London Ring Main project which saw the company winning the coveted British Construction Industry award in the civil engineering category.

In 2000 Murphys was involved the construction of twin tunnels under the River Thames, as part of the Channel Tunnel rail link, and then they won the prestigious contract to construct the major cable tunnels and substations at The Olympic Park.

Today, Murphy employs around 3,500 engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives around the world and their ‘Never Harm’ core value places safety and sustainability at the heart of every project they deliver.

“We particularly liked Solarvista for the great flexibility of the platform which we couldn’t find anywhere else. It effectively allows us to simply build our own system using low code – no code principals with no large development costs.”

“The workflow structure is second to none and Solarvista allows us to easily integrate with other systems via APIs.”

“The Solarvista Support is extremely prompt, much quicker than some other software companies I have worked with and there is always a good response, even in the most challenging times!”


Mattia – Project Controls Manager


Emma James

Written by Emma James