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Solarvista LIVE Mobile 6.1 is now available.

By Martin Smyllie on Jul 11, 2016 12:04:00 PM

Topics: Product News

Version 6.1 of Solarvista LIVE  Mobile is now available on all platforms. It has a number of performance improvements and bug fixes as well as a few minor changes to the user interface.

User Interface

This version does not contain much in the way of changes to the UI, but there are a few things worth mentioning.


We have added a highlight bar to the left hand side of form fields that are required, to assist users when filling in forms. The presence of the coloured bar indicates that the field is required, and its colour represents the validity of the field (red - invalid, green - valid). This matches the colours used to display the state of required activities in the visit details page.


In the recent update to the visit service, workflows description are now included in the data retrieved by the mobile client. The Workflow description can now be seen on the Workflow page (accessed from visit details). Also on the workflow page for iOS and Android, the display of workflow activities has been corrected. They are now displayed in the same ways as on the windows versions of the app.


The preferences page has become simpler with the removal of the ability to choose a colour for each individual workflow. This feature has been removed because of the upcoming changes to the SVX integration with SVLIVE to provide better support for service routines. With this new approach, there can be several variations of a base workflow each with its own service routine. A user could therefore potentially have several variations of a 'Field Service' workflow on their device at any one time. In this situation it will be desirable to keep all the field service workflow variants having the same colour. Users can still choose to switch off workflow highlighting, and choose a single colour for all workflows.


English (British) version has been restored.



Performance improvements have been made in several areas of the application that should hopefully be noticeable to users on all platforms. The main improvements are on the Visit List and Visit details pages.

Visit List Loading

The initial load of the visit list should be quicker for users with visits on workflows that have e-forms that require dynamic data to be loaded. (e.g. expenses, cause codes, action codes & inventory e-forms). After the data has been loaded initially it will only need to be reloaded infrequently, so the initial load situation should never be as big a problem again, but for a new user signing in for the first time, it was quite slow.

Visit Details

The Visit Detail page performance has been improved when performing the typical actions that a user will do like adding a note, filling in an e-form or expanding a long customer memo or visit description. When returning to the visit details page from a sub page the visit activities are no longer reloaded. This is quite an expensive operation and would get progressively worse, the more activities that were associated with the visit. With the new demo data, some visits now have the capability to add many more activities than may have been done previously, so this is a very worthwhile fix to have.

Crashes & Crash Reporting

Since the release of version 6.0 we have a much better understanding of the app crashes that users are experiencing across all platforms. The bug fixes in v 6.1 hopefully addrress a significant proportion of these.
As the crash datail is so useful to us, in 6.1 we are switching crash log submission to automatic. This will remove the annoying messages prompting for crash report submission.
Because all crash reports will get submitted, we will get an accurate picture of which crashes occur most often, allowing us to address the most important issues first.

How to get the update

Simply visit your device app store and check for updates. The updated app will automatically download and install.

Martin Smyllie

Written by Martin Smyllie