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Business Continuity Management, or BCM, is the process of planning for incidents and issues with your critical systems and is usually carried out by first speculating on potential threats and then analysing what their impact might be on daily operations. It is really a kind of insurance, giving businesses the comfort of knowing that, even in the event of a disaster, the damage will be manageable.

During the COVID pandemic the importance of BCM become obvious as businesses realised just how they could be affected by attacks and disruptions. The use of Cloud technology became paramount as social distancing meant that businesses had to change the way they worked with many employees being forced to work from home.

The WFH culture has worked well, and many employees continue with their remote working, even with restrictions now completely eased.

Solarvista has several innovative continuity management software tools to keep our systems up-and-running in the event of an outage or an attack.

“Maintaining a reliable platform that performs well is one of the core objectives of our operations team.

To reach this goal, we use a variety of monitoring tools to actively look for and automatically alert us of potential issues that may be impacting the end user experience.

Tools such as Grafana, Log Analytics, Application Insights and Azure Monitor (to name just a few) have allowed us to monitor every aspect of the Solarvista system.
This also allows us to create automated alerting rules which allows for a quicker response to any issues that may arise.”

In addition, we have also revamped our status page and status update processes to provide more transparency to our customers when issues occur.”

John Ratcliffe
Solarvista Operations

As a result of our DevOps department’s diligent work, our Solarvista platform has achieved record reliability of 99.6% uptime of the last 12 months. This figure includes all our essential maintenance work which, because of our commitment to high availability, we always complete out of normal working hours.

Emma James

Written by Emma James