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Technology today allows us to capture a vast amount of data within our service department on a granular level, but wouldn’t it be advantageous if this data could be accessed from anywhere, anytime and viewed in an easy-to-read dashboard with all the key statistics required?

If you choose a software that can easily connect to any data service provider this can quite easily become part of your solution and part of your business.

There are many readily available data services out there on the market that provide simple, fast and accurate analytics. By turning your data into business-critical reports, you unlock insight into untouched elements of your service department which allow you to gain a 360 view and make informed business decisions. Without having the foundations to build upon, growing your business can become very difficult to achieve at a pace required to remain competitive in the service industry.

We believe in providing a “connected” experience for our users to enable flexibility, scalability and a personalised experience for each customer. In addition to this, connecting to data services provides companies with insight and opportunities to grow as you can monitor, track and improve your KPI’s.

An example of a data service provider that many of our customers are currently using is Microsoft Power BI. You may be familiar with this if you use Office 365 as it is listed on the apps which can be explored.

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Many benefits of using data service providers such as Power BI include;

  • Access reports from a mobile device; anywhere, anytime. As long as the data service is cloud-based.
  • Easily connect to other systems. So, using this can not only add value to your service department by connecting to your service software, but this can be used across all departments and their operational software.
  • Create dashboards in a matter of minutes and share them with key stakeholders.
  • Compare month-month, year-year to allow you to make improvements and informed decisions.
  • Get alerts on data which changes significantly by setting your own unique parameters.

Solarvista can connect to your existing data service provider or we can recommend providers based on our customer’s experience. If you wish to find out more about how we can connect to other systems, read about integration.

About Solarvista

Solarvista is the UK’s leading independent provider of cloud-based field service software and mobile apps. We develop all the products required to enable you to get the right person to the right customer at the right time. Our products are in use by some of the UK’s best known brands as well as many lesser known but leaders in their industry. All our products are available as cloud based software-as-a-service with simple monthly fees.

Solarvista LIVE/X9 is software that helps people who run field service oriented businesses.  It enables our customers to deliver exceptional service levels whilst increasing efficiency and driving revenue growth. It is the only complete solution that manages customer assets, service levels, contracts/agreements, job scheduling, job task control, parts, billing, and quotations. Solarvista LIVE/X9 is cloud-based so no hardware is required. It's accessible via every device type, is available in three editions to suit any business size and via simple all-inclusive per user pricing.

To find out more about scheduling options, book a demo and see the scheduling tools available within Solarvista LIVE/X9.

Carrissa Etches

Written by Carrissa Etches