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Carter Synergy, leader in refrigeration & core building services, use Solarvista.

Carter Synergy, leader in refrigeration & core building services, use Solarvista.

Market leader of refrigeration, Carter Synergy, gain a “60% increase in productivity” through Integration to customers and LIVE Mobile Transformation.

Carter Synergy, a nationwide provider and market leader of refrigeration, mechanical and other core building services, are a long-standing customer of Solarvista Software, providing them with a solution for their field service and workforce for over 5 years.

Providing HVAC services for the likes of Tesco, Morrison and BP to name a few, Carter Synergy supply a nationwide service with a 24-hour service desk. With over 300 engineers and four regional centres, Carter Synergy are able to quickly react to any maintenance needs, supporting their large portfolio of customers with peace of mind.

Solarvista software plays a core part in managing the service operations and process to help Carter Synergy deliver the expected customer service and productivity levels required for a company of their size whilst remaining profitable.

“Streamlining the job process is key to success at Carters. The business operates on short response times in a demanding market. Providing time saving applications is key to Carters success in delivering their service.”

- Head of Business Development, Solarvista Software.

Ongoing Projects

Carter Synergy have complex requirements that are unique, not only to their industry, but to their company too. With this has come a number of challenges which have successfully been overcome through customisation of our solution to ensure needs are met as specified.

Workforce mobilisation of 400 engineers.

Solarvista LIVE Mobile is a fully customisable app which entails sophisticated workflow. The workflow can be tailored to each job sent through to the engineer’s phone with the dependant rules associated with it. By implementing this mobile workforce app, Carter Synergy can complete jobs quickly and capture the correct information required at each stage of the engineers’ job life cycle.

“Solarvista have provided Carter Synergy with a service management system for the last 5 years. During this period we have undertaken several development projects in partnership with one another, that have delivered enhancement to our processes. Most recently we have implemented their new mobile platform Solarvista Live, across our 380 service engineers. The solution is customisable and much quicker to use. The result has been more reliable data, and a workflow that feels bespoke whilst still being delivered on their standard platform.” 

- MIS Manager, Carter Synergy.

Verisae is a popular choice amongst Retail for managing maintenance tasks for their sites, allowing their contractors and employees to manage work orders from one system. Many of Carter Synergy’s customers use Verisae and in order to increase their efficiencies and customer service, it became apparent that productivity and service levels would increase through connecting those two systems for a more efficient process.

Connecting to Verisae for a seamless operation.

Carter Synergy and Solarvista Software successfully completed a project for integration to Verisae in order to save time on administration and provide a better-quality service to customers.


Since the move to Solarvista LIVE mobile and the integration to Verisae, Carter Synergy have seen many improvements to their operational processes and visible improvements to the accuracy of data captured.

 “The integration with Verisae saves around 60% of call logging time. This is on a single customer, but we are looking to expand this before the end of the year. The new Solarvista technologies have brought the cost of integration down since the first interface was built, this has made it viable to expand the use of this to 4 other customers.”

- MIS Manager, Carter Synergy

The integration to Verisae aided an informed approach as users are able to access information on both systems in real-time. Calls back and forth between Verisae users and Solarvista users reduced significantly and there was also an inevitable reduction in re-keying data between systems.

As a result of the integration to Verisae, Carter Synergy have seen an increase in productivity by a staggering 60%.

Future Projects

Solarvista and Carter Synergy are continuously working in partnership to improve service levels and are now moving to the latest edition of Solarvista LIVE/X9.

The cloud-based solution will provide them with improved security by hosting in Microsoft Azure Cloud compared to their current on-premise servers. This means there’s a reduced risk of downtime and lower overall IT infrastructure costs.

In addition to better security measures, Solarvista will be able to provide Carter Synergy with seamless upgrades of all the latest features through the cloud without disruption to the working day and maintenance can be carried out with ease as support is remote, ensuring the best possible service at all time.

Moving to X9 will also allow for a lower total cost of operation as well as flexibility to access X9 anywhere, anytime. 

About Solarvista

Solarvista is the UK’s leading independent provider of cloud-based field service software and mobile apps. We develop all the products required to enable you to get the right person to the right customer at the right time. Our products are in use by some of the UK’s best known brands as well as many lesser known but high quality businesses. All our products are available as cloud-based software-as-a-service with simple monthly fees.

Solarvista LIVE/X9 is software that helps people who run field service-oriented businesses.  It enables our customers to deliver exceptional service levels whilst increasing efficiency and driving revenue growth. It is the only complete solution that manages customer assets, service levels, contracts/agreements, job scheduling, job task control, parts, billing, and quotations. Solarvista LIVE/X9 is cloud-based so no hardware is required. It's accessible via every device type, is available in three editions to suit any business size and via simple all-inclusive per user pricing.  

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