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Field Service Summit, 2017, Warwick, United Kingdom

By Paul Adams on Mar 21, 2017 2:02:15 PM

Date: Tuesday, April 11th  2017

Location: Warwick Conference Centre, Warwick, United Kingdom

Field Service Summit 2017

Optimising the Field Service Lifecycle

The service business is going through a drastic change, transforming from a cost-centric and reactive approach towards a proactive service offering with high profit margin as companies are pushing to lock-in their customers with long term service agreements.

But what effects is that having on field engineers’ jobs, as customer expectations keep rising and the business keeps globalising? Join us this April, when field service professionals will share, network, discuss and benchmark on the following three key areas;
Field Engineers
Your service technicians are the face of your business in the eyes of your customers because they are constantly on the field, at customer sites. But are you doing enough in competence development? Are you developing their soft skills so that they not only service your customers, but work on building relationships and setting up future or upsales? And how does your future workforce look? Are you recruiting the right (and enough) talent?
Change is the biggest challenge and opportunity of most businesses today, and same goes for field service. Customers are being stretched out all over, but have as high expectations in terms of quality and time of response regardless of where they are located, so how can service leaders ensure a process of acting on local markets, on a global scale in order to reduce customer downtime?
IT software and tools should not be the focus of your field service strategies. but as the world is going digital (and so are your customers) so should you. From rethinking the physical toolbox of your field engineers into a digital one, to the impact of IoT, drones, mobile solutions, augmented and virtual reality, there are many technological developments to support you in developing and growing your field service business.
During this uniquely formatted conference you will have the opportunity to interact with your peers in a way that is rarely found elsewhere.
We sit down, discuss, interact and learn from each other throughout a whole day of challenging and difficult questions where we will connect the dots.
Make sure you reserve your seat at the table!

For more information and to register visit http://www.fieldserviceexcellence.co.uk/

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Paul Adams

Written by Paul Adams